Recreation Committee

20 Moffat Drive
Covington Township PA 18444

fax (570)842-2144

Barbara Havenstrite, Chairman (term expires 12/2016)
Diane Buscarini, Vice Chairman (term expires 12/2018)
Teri Butler, Secretary (term expires 12/2018)
Kirk Moir, Member (term expires 12/2015)
John Brostoski, Member (term expires 12/2016)
Clyde DeSchaine, Member (term expires 12/2016)
Joe Pierontoni, Member (term expires 12/2016)
Kim Bocchicio,  Member (term expires 12/2017)
Marlene Beavers, Member (term expires 12/2017)

Monthly meetings are held at 6:30pm, the third Thursday of the month, in the Municipal Building.