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452 Daleville Highway
Covington Township PA 18444

Phone: (570) 842-4130

Line Officers for 2022

Brad Jones – Fire Chief
Clyde Jones – Deputy Chief
Mike Chmielewski – Assistant Chief
James Gill – Rescue Captain
Eric McLain – Fire Captain
Chet Havenstrite – Lieutenant
Bill Trego – Lieutenant
Jerry Timinski – Lieutenant

Mike Chmielewski – EMS 14
Mark Chmielewski – EMS 14A
Eric McLain – EMS 14C

Adam Horsky – Engineer

Executive Officers for 2022

Chester Havenstrite – President
Sarah Rouse – Vice-President
Jerry Timinski – Second Vice-President
Marshall Peirce, Treasurer
Pat Havenstrite, Secretary
Clyde Jones, Trustee
James Gill, Trustee
Bill Snyder, Trustee

Monthly meetings held the second Monday of each month. Tuesday are work nights.