Volunteer Fire Department

452 Daleville Highway
Covington Township PA 18444
(570) 842-4130
email:  covingtonfire14@gmail.com

Line Officers for 2019

Brad Jones, Fire Chief
Clyde Jones, Deputy Fire Chief
Marshal Peirce, Assistant Fire Chief
Gene Hart, Fire Captain
Jim Gill, Rescue Captain
Bill Trego, Truck Captain
Bryanna Knecht, EMS Captain
Kris Lane, Fire Lieutenant
Chris Brazen, Fire Lieutenant
Gerry Timinski, Fire Lieutenant

Executive Officers for 2019

Gene Hart, President
Chris Brazen, First Vice-President
Sarah Rouse, Second Vice-President
Marshal Peirce, Treasurer
Kris Lane, Secretary
Clyde Jones, Trustee
James Gill, Trustee
Chester Havenstrite, Trustee
Brad Jones, Fire Chief
Bryanna Knecht, EMS Captain

Monthly meetings held the second Monday of each month. Tuesday are work nights.