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The Covington Fire Company and it’s Ladies Auxiliary are not able to hold their annual Lunch with Santa due to the Covid-19  indoor restrictions, however, there will be a scheduled Santa Parade on Sunday, November 29, 2020.  Santa will be riding on the fire truck and meeting with children at various stops throughout the township. Santa is leaving the fire house at 1pm and will be making 5 stops within the township, where area children can come to see Santa and receive a candy cane & reindeer food from him directly.   The following times are an estimate due to the amount of children at each stop.

  • 1:30 pm @ the old Naro’s truckstop on Route 435 (across from Brick’s Tavern)
  • 2:15 pm @ the Park-n-Ride parking lot on Route 307 (near the PennDOT salt shed)
  • 3:00 pm @ the Moffat Pavilion parking lot
  • 3:45 pm @ RR Donati Plaza
  • 4:30 pm @ Daleville United Methodist Church 

Santa will also be driving through the developments and will be available for pictures.  Please be advised that COVID restrictions will be followed.



NEWSLETTER:  Posted 11-25-2020  

Winter 2020 Newsletter


Monthly Meeting  posted 11-18-2020  (updated 11-25-2020)

The Board of Supervisors will be holding their next regular monthly meeting on Tuesday, December 1, 2020 at 7pm in the township pavilion and online via Zoom.  The meeting link is:    This meeting is open to the public.  Social distancing and masks are required.

Documents available:



2021 Proposed Budgets  Posted 11-11-2020

2021 Proposed General Fund Budget
2021 Proposed Highway Aid Budget



Budget Meetings:    Posted 9-18-2020  (updated 11-9-2020)

The Covington Township Board of Supervisors will be holding budget meetings on:

All meetings will be at the Municipal Building, 20 Moffat Drive, Covington Township, PA 18444.  All interested parties are invited to attend.  Please be advised that social distancing and masks are required.



STATE OF EMERGENCY EXTENDED  (Posted 6-3-20)  Updated 11-4-2020

Covington Township has extended their State of Emergency. 

This State of Emergency is in affect until January 4, 2021 and it can be extended or rescinded.   

To view this declaration, click ⇒ November 3, 2020 Emergency Declaration Extension



Recycling   posted 10-23-2020

Recycling will resume on Saturday, November 7, 2020 and will continue to be held on ONLY the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month from 7 a.m. – 11 a.m.  There will not be any outside dumpsters for after hours drop-offs.

We are only accepting the following items:

  • Glass- bottles & jars only   (No lids & no broken glass)
  • Aluminum & steel/tin cans   (Throw away lids unless attached)
  • Plastic – bottles & jars  (No lids)  i.e. milk, juice, water, cleaners, soda
  • Newspaper, magazines, catalogs, phonebooks and brown bags
  • Office paper (computer paper, mail, envelopes)
  • Shredded paper (place in clear plastic bag ONLY)
  • Cardboard boxes (heavy shipping boxes) All boxes must be flattened and bundled or placed inside a larger box

Friendly reminder:   All glass, plastic and cans must be empty of all food and liquids, then thoroughly rinsed out before recycling.



RESTRICTED OFFICE HOURS:  (Posted 3/13/2020) UPDATED 11-4-2020  

The Covington Township Board of Supervisors have closed office hours to the public due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) in order to protect the health of our residents.

This closure will be in effect until January 4, 2021 as per the Declaration of Disaster Emergency, which can be extended or rescinded. This posting will be updated as needed.

Township employees will be working and can be reached during normal business hours (Monday – Friday 8am-4pm) by calling Doug at 570-842-8336 or emailing, or by calling Melinda at 570-842-0457, or emailing

At this time, we require you to mail all tax payments to:

Tax Collector
20 Moffat Drive
Covington Twp., PA 18444

N.P. Senior Center will be closed until January 4, 2021 as per the Declaration of Disaster Emergency.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this period.

LETTER FROM THE BOARD OF SUPERVISORS:  Posted 5-11-2020  (Updated 5-14-20)

The Covington Township Board of Supervisors would like to update the residents of Covington Township, North Pocono and the residents of Eagle Lake on the Board’s recent actions.  On May 1, 2020, Governor Wolf allowed privately owned campgrounds to open.  Due to the fact such a large number of Eagle Lake residents come from the epicenter of the corona-virus and in order to protect the employees of Eagle Lake, the residents themselves and the residents of North Pocono, the Covington Township Board of Supervisors sought and received an injunction from Judge Thomas Munley to close Eagle Lake for one week.  On Friday, May 8, 2020, the injunction expired.

Covington Township EMA Coordinator, Charles Raziano, has now given the administration of Eagle Lake a list of proactive actions they should take to protect the health and lives of everyone at the Eagle Lake community.  Among these actions is the taking of a person’s temperature before admittance to the park.  There are safeguards to this action to allow for a false reading.  This action, which has been supported by many residents of the Lake community (numerous emails to our office) would truly make the Lake community much safer for everybody concerned.  The temperature check action is being used nationwide with positive results.  Eagle Lake’s administration has rejected our EMA’s recommendations.  By refusing to do so, the Board of Supervisors believe the administration is missing an opportunity to make their Lake community and the whole North Pocono community much safer.

An emergency action plan was adopted on May 9, 2020 by the Covington Township Board of Supervisors to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 which sets forth specific procedures, guidelines and equipment to accomplish this goal.  This plan can be viewed at:  May 9, 2020 Declaration for Emergency Management in a MP-RV Zone  There is also a press release regarding this which can be viewed at:  Press Release – 5-10-20 EMP Addendum

In closing, please follow all the CDC recommendations of social distancing, washing hands and wearing a mask.  Be safe and we will continue to keep everyone informed.

Covington Township Board of Supervisors

May 9 2020 Emergency Meeting Minutes


PRESS RELEASE:  Posted 5-10-2020

Covington Township Adopts Addendum to the Emergency Management Plan Regarding MP-RV Zone

Covington Township – Covington Township & Eagle Lake attorneys were ordered on Friday, May 8th by a Lackawanna County Judge to meet Saturday, May 9, 2020 to create a mutually agreeable plan, keeping the entire community safe, while reopening their facilities during the current Emergency Declaration of Disaster.  The meeting ended without any health and safety agreements or resolutions.
The Covington Township Board of Supervisors later held an emergency meeting on Saturday, May 9, 2020 and adopted an addendum to the Emergency management Plan regarding the reopening of any facilities located in the MP-RV Zone.  This will go into effect immediately and will continue until the expiration of the Township’s Declaration of Disaster Emergency.  This document can be found on the township website: 
After the posting of the Addendum to the Emergency Management Plan regarding MP-RV Zone business(es), I received several calls asking for clarification of the Personal Protection Equipment (PPR) section and as to why Covington Township is trying to keep Eagle Lake closed.  I would like to start with the following:
Dear Valued Eagle Lake Members,     
Covington Township values and appreciates all that you bring to our community.  Recent ongoing discussions with Eagle Lake may have been misconstrued to indicate an angry and bitter relationship between Covington Township and Eagle Lake.  This was never our intention.  Nor was it Covington Township’s intention to keep Eagle Lake closed for any period of time.  Our goal was to address concerns of Covington Township’s citizens and Eagle Lake owners about the safety of both communities in the face of this unprecedented global pandemic, as well as to establish a set of mutually agreeable guidelines to ensure everyone’s health and safety going forward.  We welcome everyone’s input and are looking forward to another mutually beneficial season, which will allow Eagle lake owners to utilize their properties and provide an atmosphere for relaxation, while addressing health and safety concerns of both the Eagle Lake members and the local citizens at the same time.     Since the posting of the Emergency Action Plan for MP-RV Zone to Covington Township’s website, I have received several calls and comments from Eagle Lake members to clarify the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) section.  I will be looking to re-word the plan as stated below to give members a better understanding of this section.Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • All members will ensure they have a face mask (must cover both mouth and nose) when:
    • Unable to maintain social distancing of 6′ or greater
    • When off their property and/or interacting with other members, visitors, and the MP-RV business(es) staff
  • PPE is not required when:
    • Members are on their own property/camp site with their family member(s) that they came with. However, if visiting or visited by another member, guest, or MP-RV Zone business(es) staff, then face mask and social distancing of 6′ or greater. 
    • While walking, running, hiking, riding on golf carts and walking pets off your property/camp site and practicing social distancing of 6′ or greater.  However, you must have a mask with you at all times, in the likelihood, you run into or interact with another member, guest or MP-RV business(es) staff, then face masks and social distancing of 6′ or greater applies.

As EMA Coordinator and resident of Covington Township, I personally would like to welcome all members, visitors and guests back to an enjoyable, relaxing season with Covington Township. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me.

Charles Raziano
Covington Township EMA Coordinator

To view this press release, click ⇒ Press Release – 5-10-20 EMP Addendum

To view the original May 9th Declaration for Emergency Management in the MP-RV Zone, click ⇒ May 9, 2020 Declaration for Emergency Management in a MP-RV Zone

PUBLIC NOTICE:   Posted 5-9-2020  (Updated 5-14-20)

An emergency meeting was held Saturday, May 9, 2020.  Please see the following Declaration for Emergency Management in the MP-RV Zone that was adopted by township supervisors today.

May 9, 2020 Declaration for Emergency Management in a MP-RV Zone 
May 9 2020 Emergency Meeting Minutes

Anyone who finds that members or visitors to facilities in an MP-RV Zone who are not adhering to these guidelines should report the failure to comply to the EMA Coordinator for Covington Township by calling 717-317-2778 or emailing


PUBLIC NOTICE:  (posted 4/1/2020)  Updated 9/2/2020

Documents available from the Board of Supervisor’s monthly meetings held during the COVID-19 pandemic:


Hearing Documents:


If you are being hurt at home, or witnessing others being hurt in your home,
use these resources to have your message heard.
  • SAFE2SAY SOMETHING  Download the app from the Apple or Google Play Store to submit a report. Or call 1-844-723-2729
  • CHILDLINE  Call the national hotline, available 24/7 to make a confidential report 1-800-932-0313
  • CALL 911  Call 911 if you are in immediate danger.  Answer any questions the dispatcher has so that help can find you.
  • LACKAWANNA COUNTY POLICE   Call the Lackawanna County Police non-emergency number to make a report 570-342-9111
  • TEXT 911 Text 911 if you are in an emergency situation.  Remember to provide your address so help can find you.




EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE:   (posted 4-2-2020) More information can be found under the “Departments” section of this website.

This committee has been formed due to the unprecedented novel COVID-19 virus and we are here to help all residents with any concerns or questions during this difficult time. We encourage you to contact us by sending an email to: